Our Certified & affiliated Instructors across India

Our Certified & Affiliated Instructors across India

You can contact our affiliated Group Fitness Instructor team across India, they will help you with training and understanding this amazing concept of Group Fitness programs.

You can call them personally in you city or send a Email  –  anujacademy@gmail.com

asutoshAsutosh Pandey ( Orissa )

I come from a middle class family. The Aerobics Instructor training course helped me a lot in my living. I am still learning and a long way to go, lot to learn more. The instructor training have helped me a lot and whatever I have learnt, all credit goes Anuj sir

2  Anusha Radhakrishnan ( Pondicherry )

My name is Anusha Radhakrishnan, I am a Life Skills Trainer and a Motivational Speaker from Pondicherry.

I strongly believe that,’Knowing Self” is the greatest  secret of life and in order to Know yourself, you should first Believe in yourself and you should never give up in you!

So, If you want to Believe in yourself, you should be strong and beautiful both Physically and Mentally.

If your mind and body are aligned together, you are almost there to start to know who you really are!

I found Anuj Fitness Academy  through the internet while I was searching for a different approach towards Physicall Fitness.  I understood about the Instructor Training Program and I enrolled for the program and got my tickets booked to Delhi!!

Though I was a completely new to the fitness field, the training program transformed me in just 5 days into a complete professional !! The program was designed in a very simple but effective manner and Mr.Anuj Sharma mad it clear to us about the key requirements to become a Group Fitness Instructor.

My stay in Delhi with Mrs. Shashi Sharma made me perform even better.  My gratitudes to Shashi Aunty, Mr. Anuj Sharma and Mrs. Poonam Sharma for giving  me such a great opportunity!

Looking forward to learn more and more from Anuj Fitness Academy!

arti Arti Gupta ( Delhi )

Being a Yoga Trainer by profession, I love to spread the fragrance of this ancient art of holistic well-being to All. I am a very enthusiastic person, keen observer and a true and sincere admirer. Always desperate to share knowledge to help people attain a sustainable happy, healthy and a fit life which is an essence in today’s life style specially

My earnest desire to learn and teach aerobics landed me at Anuj Academy, Delhi in July,2017. The group fitness instructor training by Ignite wellness foundation here gave me a peek to explore wider prospects of the fitness world. It has greatly enhanced my fitness level too. My most thrilling experience during the program was “Work Out on Music”. The high spirits and tireless efforts of Mr. Anuj Sharma, our chief instructor and my mentor need a special mention at this junction. The regular updates and further guidance received from Anuj Academy will nonetheless make this journey an endless one.

Let the message of this skill training widespread, grow and channelize with many more affiliations. I wish my dream will certainly liven up with great transformations.

soniyaSoniya Harry ( Delhi )

Now I am a certified group fitness instructor by Ignite wellness foundation, My passion is reading and teaching but most specially inspiring people to live healthy. My dream is to have my own faith and fitness center where people collectively join together to build a optimal health. It is my desire to share my passion for health and fitness with others because obesity pandemic requires an upsurge of skilled and inspiring professional who can motivate people to lead healthy, happy,fit lives.

I joined anuj academy, Delhi in 2017. I would like to share my experience that completely changed my view about fitness. The training received was completely based on science it kept me updated daily on the happening in fitness industry. The facility are friendly and dedicated towards their teaching and put every effort to improve the students. The training i have received made me expert novice. I would like to thank Anuj academy for bringing out the quality in training me . This fitness program training received worth a million as it transformed me.
1Avnika Verma ( Delhi )

I am Avnika Verma, I am associated with Anuj academy since 3 yrs now. I would say it’s a long and good journey. Mr.Anuj Sharma founder member of Anuj academy  has been a greatest inspiration for me and many others to stay fit.
Being a theatre artist it was my responsibility to stay fit and be in shape.
I personally liked the instructor training program. Looking forward to make people fit and strong
tarunTarun kumar sharma. (Meerut- utter pradesh)
I am a yoga fitness instructor for last 4 years. Only after joining the anuj academy i have extreme changes in my profession. Now I Have started kick boxing cardio,step aerobics,floor aerobics, and dance fitness with group class. All credit goes to Anuj sir.
Thank you sir for all your sport and your Extreme training program

Pratibha  Pratibha ( Bihar )

A fitness enthusiast with a dream of confiscating the perfect expertise in field of aerobics.So,that one day i can train other people and make them look healthier&smarter. Anuj academy has always been striven to maintain physical health of its trainees.In addition ,they have also been trained to arrange aerobic instructor preparatory. I have taken aerobic training from this academy.In this period basic aerobic steps according to suitable music beats explained to us. We have also been trained about the combo steps technique. After completing the training,academy provided us the videos and track music related to our workouts

KapilKapil Sharma ( Haryana )
Hobbies: Listening music, dancing and aerobics