Aerobics & Dance Group Fitness Instructor training course

Ignite A Dream of Becoming
A Group Fitness Instructor
We at anuj academy will groom you up to become a amazing Group Fitness Instructor
we aim to uplift the standard of group fitness industry in India
How many Group Fitness Centers do you find near you which provide jam pack  amazing Step aerobics class or a Floor Aerobics, or Do weight training, Cardiokickboxing, HIIT Class (high Intensity interval training) etc on music beats and  Give their clients variations in workout with amazing experience with international standard music & choreography every time they come for classes 
How many Instructor training programs you see who give practical classes in their regular fitness studios
How many Instructor training programs you see where their own Master Trainers are running successful fitness studios and allow you to be a part of it and groom you.
Join Us to Change the Group Fitness Concept in India
Be a Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Get affiliated with anujacademy
 One place which Enable you to teach
different form of International standard group fitness workout
like we do at our studio
Be Unique, Dont Try to fit in, When you Born to Stand out…
Anuj academy is not charging anything for this program
we are only interested in helping instructor all over India to teach proper Group fitness classes and uplift the standard of their fitness classes
We outsource the best knowledge, music and choreography to our instructors
We are well connected to all our instructors in India and abroad,
we believe in sharing & helping
Where ever you are in India, Come and train with us in our Delhi center
We prefer students from small towns or cities
We will help in your stay with us in Delhi, specially girls students
Don’t  hesitate to contact us, even if you are certified trainer from somewhere else but not getting enough support to run your classes
or you are just a beginner who want to join this fitness industry
Run your classes the way we do it at anujacademy training center
we help you with best training with best resources, knowledge & everything you require to organize a amazing  group fitness class
To become a part of this instructor training program, all you need to donate is Rs.15000/- to Ignite Wellness Foundation ( NGO ), your donation will be used for work done by this organisation for underprivileged children, work done for women empowerment in remote areas & likewise activities done by this NGO.
Group fitness Instructor training program
Organised By
Ignite Wellness Foundation (NGO)
( registered under 12A & 80G )
 under its skill training program
The Certificate is not only valid in private but is Valid in Government Sector also
Our organisation is Registered under government of India
*Industry Background:* The Fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. Our aim is provide best of knowledge, International standard fitness programs, international standard Music tracks & all requirements to run successful group fitness classes all around India.
*About Us:* We are a registered organisation under Government of India to promote most scientific and modern fitness training by skilled professionals.
*Our Mission:* To equip and empower fitness enthusiasts to lead the new wave of fitness training programs in India
*Our Programs:* We do not want our instructors to limit themselves to one or two fitness programs but to be able to conduct amazing workout classes with programs such as:
•Step Aerobics
•Floor Aerobics
•High Intensity Interval Training
•Dance Fitness Cardio
•Cardio Kickboxing
so much more
*The Instructor Training Schedule:* The 2 initial training covers how to create choreography for different workouts and how to conduct classes while following the correct music beats and blocks so as to be able to run a successful group fitness workout
*Our USP:* •We choose varied international music tracks and teach instructors how to follow the correct music beats while conducting classes like Step Aerobics, different Dance Fitness workouts, Cardio Kickboxing, Power Aerobics, High Intensity Interval training etc.
Learning how to follow workout music empowers instructors to effortlessly follow standard fitness programs as well as create new and different workout routines that require different tempos and BPM
•We cover correct form & range of motion in different workouts to maintain safety and smooth functioning of classes
*To Become A Certified Trainer:* For the final assessment, all instructors are required to prepare and teach one class  to get certified
*Online Trainer Education:*
This is a continuous education program to run successful fitness studios/ classes across India. We endeavor  to keep updating our instructors’ knowledge and skills online with live classes that bring forward new international music tracks, new choreography and different workout styles
Don’t limit yourself with one or two fitness training programs.
Give your clients something new, something different and something amazing!
Be a part of the IGNITE initiative!
* We wish to promote  The IGNITE fitness training program across India*
Call or message to conduct a training programs in your area
Be a part of this initiative and help us realise the dream of conducting international standard fitness training programs all over India
•Training happens every month at our training centre in Delhi in small groups of 5 to 10
An instructor training fee Rs.15000/-  which you need to donate to
Ignite Wellness Foundation
and it included.
( training charges, study material, music tracks etc )
All outstation instructors please note:
•We will help you with your stay in Delhi
Please call or message us on whats App +919899501774 for further inquiries