Weight loss Diet Plans

Anuj Academy of Fitness and Diet, Offers 2 programs
1. Workout at our studio, with International standard fitness Programs and get awesome Visible results.
2. If you don’t have time to workout at studio because of your personal reasons then we offer you a personalized fitness program and a Diet plan, both will help you to get maximum result in short period of time. you just need to follow it at your home.
Our aim is to make you leaner, fitter & healthier.

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Diet & Nutrition Plans for weight loss and losing fat fast



 Diet plans

its 70% your diet and only 30% your physical fitness program, when you looking for fat loss.

The goal is to lose fat, not just weight in general.

Nutrition’s science investigates metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet.

“I eat like a bird and I still gain weight!”

“No matter what I eat I get fatter and fatter!”

Response of a crash Diet

A crash diet slows down your metabolic rate.

When this happens, your body stores energy instead of burning it and as a result you gain weight instead of losing it.

Fasting, starving or malnutrition all results in metabolic disorders.

 We have a dynamic nutrition approach-

Our first step is to design a personal nutrition plan for you.  Calculate how many calories you burn in a day. Your total daily energy expenditure

Knowing your maintenance level will give u a starting reference point from where you begin your diet.

Our weekly diet plans helps you reduce body fats percentage and increase your lean body mass which will increase your BMR and you burn more calories.

We offer vegetarian and non vegetarian Diet plans, and even combination of both.

The percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats all depends on your daily physical needs.

It takes 2 to  3 Months to see a good change in you, and make sure u add some moderate  physical activity along with your diet program.

Monthly Counseling fee = Rs.2000/-


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