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Amazing Reebok Step Aerobics Class

Anuj Aerobics

Anuj & Poonam with Hermann Melo  Zumba Educational Specialist, in 2011

Anuj Sharma
About the Founder
  • 1st Degree Black belt World Taekwondo Federation 1992
  • Started teaching in schools like Hill Grove, South Town school etc. as a Taekwondo Instructor since 1992 to 1998
  • Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from Barkatullah University Bhopal 1998
  • Started Teaching as a physical education teacher in NEW ERA SCHOOL, Dwarka November 1998 till 2010
  • Opened Anuj academy in Year 1992 with teaching TaeKwonDo and other forms of fitness program, then moved to teach aerobics from 2008, stared Zumba Fitness classes since May 2011. Now Moved on To Teach LESMILLS BODY PUMP & BODY COMBAT classes from October 2014.
  • Master Anuj Sharma is a Reebok Certified Fitness trainer with a 4rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwando W.T.F
  • Zumba Certified instructor since June 2011.
  •  His dedication and desire to bring betterment to the lives of millions have been acclaimed by many National and International Celebrities and Health Professionals. He has strived hard to earn professional skills and is been providing training since a decade. Thus he founded this academy to provide the benefits to the masses.

Poonam Zumba

Poonam Sharma
  • A Zumba Certified Instructor
  • Reebok Fitness Instructor
  •  Pilates certified
  •  Sports Nutritionist.
What we do
Aerobics derived from Aerobic respiration, wherein we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and the adjective to identify exercise is Aerobic exercise. Here in Anujacademy with Reebok Circuit Training movements make you energetic, strong, and the rhythmic movement practiced regularly is enough to keep your heart and lungs in good conditions. Our exercise burn fat faster and is long lasting. They are scientifically designed and also bring in an overall change in the personality. We in Anujacademy integrate rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines for improving all elements of fitness like flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness. Health and safety is the motto of Anjuacdemy. The floor mattresses used for aerobics are scientifically designed and specially imported from the Korean Federation. Join us in making your life healthy and wise.
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